Association Insurance Specialists

Association Insurance Specialists: Florida's Building & Condo Insurance Source.Our Mission is to protect your lifestyle.

Association Insurance Specialists: Florida's Building & Condo Insurance Source.Our Mission is to protect your lifestyle.

AIS specializes in insuring Condominium Associations, Homeowners Associations, and other Commercial Property throughout Florida. In addition to bringing over 70 years of experience insuring Florida properties, we work closely with board members, and property managers to bring the best and most innovative Specialty Programs. Our Clients benefit from our nearly $200 million in insurance premium placed in the Sunshine State tailoring Programs to meet our client’s needs.

How does Association Insurance Specialists stack up with your current agent?

Does your Agent combine pricing, service, technology, and innovation like AIS? Why not compare?

We have strength in Florida with a "Top 100 Agencies Ranking" for USA by Insurance Journal Magazine 5 years in a row! 

We have experience insuring Florida Properties since 1939.

Our Clients' can have a dedicated, protected, custom Web Site Personalized for no cost to you!

Protect the Directors by covering the PERSONAL risks Directors take by serving on their Boards.

Special Claims Response to lower YOUR costs with our "Jump on it!" Claims Program.

Utilizing the most aggressive methods possible to lower your insurance costs. What is your current Agent's plan?

24/7/365 Live Service at 877-440-2479. We are there when you need us.

 Keep all your Documents, records, and contingency planning on your site.

How about what you need, when you need it? Proof of coverage anytime.

See your Real Estate Portfolio in real time, when you want it. Add or remove properties as needed.

We give back 12% Flood premium each year, every single year.

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Discover the Leader's Pricing....Common Sense Assurance means lower costs.Discover the Leader's Pricing is our Program that ties everything together to lower your costs.

he AIS mission is to protect your lifestyle.      Business with honest common sense.

We cut your premiums by cutting the Insurance Companies' costs.

If it costs less for the Insurance Company to insure, they can lower your price.

We work all year on lowering your costs, Insurance shouldn't be bought in a "used car sales" frenzy from Agents in the last week. Is there ANY business where chaos lowers costs?

Lower costs through forensic inspections by experts.Lower costs by pre-planning for Claims or a Disaster. Lower costs by leveraging network of $ 200 million in premium. Lower costs by immediate response to a Claim.

Association Insurance doesn't stop there....we analyze each Property to focus on any possible savings as well.

As (FEMA) the Federal Emergency Management Agency continues to remap Flood areas, Flood Zones and pricing changes. At Association Insurance Specialists we go to work for Florida's Associations to make sure you are paying the lowest Flood price possible by law.

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) analysis.

With our focus on Florida Real Estate Insurance, we focus on making sure LOMA applications are used when we can drive even more savings. FEMA mapping and zones are in constant influx. Understanding map changes , "Grandfathering" and elevation and enclosure data is part of what we do.

Use Flood Analysis to prepare and reduce claims:

AIS, at no charge to our Clients also provides an analysis for our Clients offering Coastal Surge reports and a particular focus on not just lowering costs....but even more our Clients the tools to be best prepared for a REALLY HIGH TIDE.


Directors and Officers:
Let an Agency work for you that appreciates your challenges

We specialize in associations. We know how to make your job as easy as possible, and we work to educate you to make the right decisions.

In Florida as a Director and Officer you take PERSONAL risk and responsibility for the decisions you make.

By working with Association Insurance Specialists, you protect YOURSELF and your Association.

How is your current Agent protecting you?

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is the Insurance Industry’s solution to your personal risk. Unfortunately, there is no “standard” policy out there. All the policies are “manuscript-ed” by the Insurance Carriers.

The Facts are:

  • No Directors and Officers policies are created equal. There is no “standard” form.
  • Most Agents don’t take the time to educate themselves on this complex policy.
  • Most Boards and Associations overlook this because the premiums are low.

Because this protects YOU PERSONALLY, you should work with an Agency that “gets it”. AIS will provide you a checklist on how the Insurance Carriers will protect you and also advise you as to why over 56% of the D&O Policies we see exclude the most common claims!

And much more….including how we advise addressing that Dangerous little number.

In addition, by working with Association Insurance Specialists, you get:

  • Silver Platter Service
  • Jump on It! Claims response
  • Follow the Leader Pricing 

Your Future

Finally, an Insurance Agency that caters to Property Managers!



At Association Insurance Specialists, we understand how demanding your job is working with Florida Residents. We’re here to help. Isn’t it time someone worked for YOU?

First, we can setup your own customized web info center for your Properties.
Would you like: Your own personalized, password-protected site to make a single source for all documents YOU want to keep there (it’s your site).

In one source you can have the:
“ Jump on it” Claim Response * Appraisals and related documents * Insurance Policy Information * Billing Center including financing info, etc. *

Also: Budget Info, Condo Docs, Rosters, etc. * Place to keep any maintenance or repairs docs * Discount  Resident’s Insurance by having Wind Mitigation forms, Flood Forms, Documents explaining what your Clients or Residents are responsible for, etc. 

Also, we are here to keep your Boards and Residents content by giving advance Budget Projections, answers to frequent questions from your Clients and the resources to deliver their answers….in seconds! Call us….or we’ll post the resources on your site.

Evidences of Insurance. You can do it in a minute, yourself, if you want. Or we can…you decide.
Much, much more! Our Silver Platter Service is available to you by web, or even by phone 24/7.

You depend on us. We get that. We are here to work for YOU!

Reporting a claim: Remember we are there when you need us!   

 At Association Insurance Specialists, we know you need to depend on us. You can: Have a Manager or Board Member of your Association call us.


Call us anytime at either 877-440-2479 or 727-490-1020 after hours 24/7.


File your Claim online through your own secure website: 


Enlist your customized predesigned Claims handling process via our Jump On It! Service